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About Coaching

Coaching is a process which facilitates learning. It helps you (the client) to become more self aware and to focus on finding solutions to problems. Clients work with a coach to identify their ambitions, desires and goals which can relate to their professional or personal life. The focus of coaching is to move forward from the present to the future on a journey of self discovery and achievement. The word ‘coaching’ literally means ‘to travel from one place to another’. The client learns a great deal about themselves on this journey.

Coaching is a series of facilitated conversations that will benefit the client’s learning and progress. This is carried out using powerful questioning techniques and by the use of tried and tested psychologically based tools and techniques.


A coach uses a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to create a conversation rich in insight and learning. The client will experience a focus and attention that will enable you to develop greater self awareness and an appreciation of your own circumstances. In addition, coaching may also help you to learn to create new ways of resolving issues, produce desired results and achieve your goals.

People have coaching for many reasons and usually because they want to improve their situation and achieve certain goals. They may be unsure of their goals and be looking to explore and clarify them. Common goals might be to improve performance in a particular area at work, clarify your career goals, gain confidence in certain situations or relate to people more effectively. Coaching is often used when people feel stuck in a situation and are keen to move forward.

  • It is not structured training and doesn’t have a fixed approach and agenda
  • It is not therapy, psychoanalysis or psychotherapy although it will help promote greater self awareness and a better appreciation of the client’s  situation and circumstances. Barriers to self-belief can be challenged in order to encourage a fresh approach and new ideas.
  • It is not somebody else (the coach) solving your problems for you.

Coaching is based on the principle that individuals are ultimately responsible for their own lives and their own results. If your current behaviour is not giving you the results you would like, a coach can help you with the following:


  • Gaining greater clarity and helping you to understand your situation more clearly
  • Developing new ideas or approaches for those situations
  • Enabling to identify the action(s) that get(s) you the results you want
  • Achieving your goals.


A coach will not instruct you to do something specific and will not do it for you. The power for change is within you.

The coach will focus solely on your situation and give you the attention and commitment that you rarely experience elsewhere.


The coach will listen to you with a genuine curiosity to enable them to gain an understanding of who you are, what you think and how you experience the world through your eyes. He/she will reflect back to you to help you gain clarity. He/she will encourage you to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles and get into action.

A coaching relationship is based on trust and openness. The contents of your discussion will be completely confidential. Where a third party such as an employer has requested the coaching for you, we will agree with you at an initial meeting the best way to keep them involved or updated. The strength of the coaching relationship is the level of openness and trust between the coach and the client.

In return, your coach will encourage you to stay committed to the coaching process.


You will need to be open to the potential of coaching and to contribute to conversations honestly and openly e.g. if something isn’t working or you have any concerns, letting the coach know.

Hopefully you have now gained a better understanding of the opportunity of coaching. If you are looking for a coach and would like to know more or have questions you would like answered before signing up to a programme, please contact me.

What are the benefits of coaching?

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Client Testimonials

Being coached by Jane was interesting and revealing. I learned a lot about myself and felt enabled to explore new ideas and develop new resources to take me further. Jane’s manner is warm and incisive and I always felt supported to deal with what was sometimes a challenging process. I found this sort of coaching effective and very beneficial.

Stephanie, NHS Manager, London

I had so many business ideas that I didn’t know where to start. Jane helped me clarify what was the most important thing for me to do and how I could achieve it. After every session we set realistic goals together that really helped me focus on what I needed to do. Jane helped me realise that the only thing stopping me from achieving my goals was me – this was a major turning point in my coaching!

Karen C, London

The sessions not only made me look at my work but also my personal relationships which I found fascinating and enlightening. Jane asks the right questions to make you really think. I always felt incredibly positive and raring to go after every session. As a result of Jane’s help and encouragement, I have just registered the domain name for my new business. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane to anyone who feels that coaching might help them.

Karen C, London